If you have skin, you must have heard how tricky and complicated it actually is. You may have tried different things for skin care and may even have spent a lot of time in shopping for the best items. Your skin is more sensitive than you may initially believe and you must pay attention to your regimen if you do not want to wake up to a nasty surprise.

surfactants can be the best solution to some problems without causing adverse effects. However, they may also cause other problems so you must first determine what your skin needs. Is your skin irritated and dry? Is it oily or mixed? Is it both?

A complex skin care routine may be much simpler than you initially thought. You may not be able to treat each problem yourself, but a dermatologist can help you to figure out a treatment plan that will be simple and yet very effective.

Retinoids are very popular at the moment as a result of their ability to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You may use them for dry skin, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and many other skin problems.

You can find retinoids in lotions, creams and various topical preparations. However, their side effects may make a person feel they are a little too sensitive.

This can lead to various skin reactions such as dermatitis, burning, rashes and many other symptoms.

The best type of retinoid is isotretinoin. This pill provides relief to severe acne and may help with other skin conditions as well.

Isotretinoin is, more than likely, prescribed by your dermatologist when other treatments have failed.

Herbal Feet Washes

This is another option that you can try if other treatments fail. You can wash your feet with a sea salts mixture and herbal extracts.

The herbal extracts from several plants, and member of the beta-carotene family, such as carrots and apricot, will help regenerate skin cells and encourage the growth of collagen.

You can find natural sea salts that are easily available in grocery stores. For those that have sensitive skin, such as individuals with psoriasis, using this wash may be the solution to alleviating the problem.

In addition to washing your feet with a sea salts wash, you can also use a body scrub.

Exfoliate to help remove dead skin and allow for smoother, more beautiful feet.

Other exfoliating scrubs include natural agents such as raspberry, cucumber and many more.

More foot remedies include rebuilding collagen and elastin.collagen and elastin are two vital skin proteins that keep the skin looking fresh and youthful. However, your body will slow down as you age.

builds naturally to keep your feet from becoming wrinkled, however, your age and surroundings will definitely affect the amount that your body will produce.

Be sure to consult your dermatologist before beginning any new regimen.

Nail fungus can be treated with an antifungal medication. There are natural home remedies as well; however, it is always best to consult a dermatologist before beginning any regimen.

Symptoms of nail fungus include brittle, discolored nails. The nail may also become thick and cause pain.

Other foot remedies include revitalizing your feet’s feet with a foot sweating revitalizing spray.

Nail fungus almost always affects the toes and feet. Avoiding the moist and dark environment of a gym that is usually a breeding ground for nail fungus, is another great solution. Make it a habit to wear socks and shoes that are made of natural cotton or leather. Keeping your feet dry and clean will help prevent the fungus from building up. You can also help prevent the growth of the fungus by wearing shoes that can help keep your feet dry and clean. This will avoid getting on and exposing the feet to wet and often Gensected nails can be cured with an antifungal medication and if this does not work for you, you may want to consult your physician for a prescription toenail fungus treatment.