Tips in Treating Stretch Marks – 3 Ways to Treat Stretch Marks

Are you stuck with stretch marks and trying to figure out a way to treat them? If this is the case, there are several ways to treat stretch marks. The key thing though is not to be discouraged. The problem isn’t in finding a way to treat stretch marks, but finding the ones that are the most effective.

Treatments for Stretch Marks

No one likes stretch marks, but most of us know that if we can’t hide them, there’s no hope for getting rid of them! So how do you get rid of stretch marks? You either get expensive laser treatments or use a special cream to rub and cause the skin to tighten.

Plastic surgery is an option, but it’s not the only one. There are several natural creams and treatments that will help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You can either pay a visit to your doctor or go grab a store health and wellness store.

Depending on the treatment, expect to spend from $400 to $ damp 100. Then there’s the matter of the removal cream which can cost from about $15 to $100. Your stretch marks will disappear, but there is a reason that they’re so stubborn.

Creams with Tretinoin – The like of which dries and Irrages the Skin

There are many creams and lotions claimed to be effective treatments for stretch marks, but to be sure, you must first ask this question: Is there any research available?

If not, then it’s best to go into the reviews of stretch mark creams. Read what others have to say and how they have overcome the problem. It’s also best to read the testimonials, before making your own purchasing decisions.

Natural creams with Vitamin A and E

Natural creams with Vitamin A and E are great as a treatment for stretch marks. Retinol is the only such ingredient that is proven to actually fade the appearance of stretch marks. However, Retinol is in its most natural form.

Natural creams with Vitamin A reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Many people also take in enough vitamin A to have a Vitamin A deficiency, which can also result in stretch marks. A Treatment for Stretch Marks is Easy to Find!

The best treatments for stretch marks can be found over the internet. As a matter of fact, you can even find remedies in the grocery store. There are also many products for stretch marks sold in drug stores and grocery stores.

How to Treatment for Stretch Marks

With so many treatments for stretch marks out there, how do you know which one actually works? The simplest approach to treating stretch marks is applying a topical treatment to the affected areas as often as possible. You can even try it for free and see what the results are like for your skin type.

Here are some of the things that you can try:

Apply a half teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil on the affected area on a daily basis. This works best if you apply it right after a shower or bath.

Suggestion: If you do this both on the affected area and on the rest of your body, your stretch marks will vanish in as little as 6 weeks.

Use a Cream with Lavender Oil.

Lavender oil has recently been popular among those who want to cure stretch marks. Many women swear that by using lavender oil on their stomach during pregnancy, the appearance of stretch marks were reduced.

Grapefruit Oil

While any kind of oil attracts the attention of mosquitoes, the oil gathered from the cheap squeeze of the grapefruit tree has proven itself as the most effective. Importantly, the oil should be rubbed on the entire surface of the marks, on and around the areas where they developed.

The oil is also potent in making your stretch marks less noticeable while giving a healthy and glowing look to the skin.

In the end, the best treatments for stretch marks are two simple things: massaging the area with a stretch marks cream everyday and rubbing the area where new stretch marks have recently formed.

This will promote faster growth of the area and let the skin absorb the cream more effectively.