SimpleTips To Get Rid Of Warts

Warts can be described as skin lesions which are viral. They can occur on anywhere on the human body, but are common on the feet and hands.

Warts are so common that almost every person will have had one at least once in their life.

For the most part, warts do not really pose any health problems, but they can be annoying to have.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to get rid of warts. Here are just a few:

  1. Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is basically using liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the wart.ETS surgery is a popular method of removing warts. It involves the use of a TMD (trichloroacetic acid] to freeze and destroy the wart as well as surrounding tissue.

  1. Cantharidin

Cantharidin is a type of cryosurgery which is less painful that standard surgical procedures and the results are immediate. The only downside to the procedure is that it may be painful for several days.

  1. Laser surgery

Laser surgery can be used to treat warts and not only painlessly but easily too.

What is nice about laser surgery is that it has a high success rate to it and there are no scars or other side effects to worry about.

What is not so nice about laser surgery to consider is the cost. It will set you back thousands of dollars and in most cases multiple sessions may be necessary.

  1. Ointments, lotions and creams

There are a number of wart removal ointments and lotions on the market today. The reason they are so effective is because they contain certain ingredients that break down and then later releasing specific active ingredients that kill the virus causing the warts.

Unlike other wart removal methods, there is not much pain involved when using an ointment or a cream. And, since they are filled with specific active ingredients, there is some over the counter care that can give between month to several months for you to completely remove the wart.

Again, there are some negative aspects to this method like the cost, the pain involved and the fact that there are not that many positive testimonials for it.

  1. Cantharidin

Cantharidin is a procedure that, like with other techniques using acids, involves the use of a chemical that dries the top layer of skin then traps and kills the virus infecting your skin.Because there are a number of clinics that offer this type of service, the information on how it works and the cost involved can get a little bit confusing.

Basically, some people like using the chemical because they like the sensation while others who are not content with the pain and irritation if the process is not used correctly are also using this. The problem with cantharidin is that, again, it does not kill the virus and it may leave a scar and he or she may in turn need to go back for further treatment and more clinic time.

Here’s a tip about how to remove warts with cantharidin. When the treatment is first being done, the doctor will take a small cotton swab and either dip it into some of the solution or soak it, so the entire area is covered. The next step is to apply the solution to the wart and the area surrounding it.

The solution is allowed to sit on the skin for a total of five minutes. After the total treatment, the skin will begin to blister. It will then break and falling off on its own will leave the wart area susceptible to the infection.

In choosing the type of wart removal method you like best, you may also consider the cost. If the affected area is large, then it may be more expensive to have the wart removed in the way of surgery. On the other hand, small areas may not be cost prohibitive.

As a final step, if you are uncomfortable with the way that commercial wart removal remedies work, then you always have the option of looking for natural remedies that work well. Indeed, whenever you attempt to remove something that is on your body, you should always be sure to have the utmost care and precaution.

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