Elevare Red Instructions

If you spend several hours in front of your laptop trying to search for the best anti-aging devices, then you probably know how these tools work and what they can do to your skin.

If we will talk about the leading names in the skincare industry, then Elevare Skin is one of them. The company has lots of clients around the world. This is because their products really work. According to their customers, they notice significant results in their fine lines after a few sessions of using the Elevare Skin Products.

One of the popular anti-aging tools of Elevare Skin is the Red. This time, we will talk about Red by Elevare Skin instructions.

Elevare Red is a small machine. But, it is powerful enough to make your face look lifted, firmer and balance your skin tone while gently removing dark spots and fine lines.

One of its users claimed that she was a bit skeptical about buying the product. But, upon reading reviews about Elevare Red, she was encouraged to purchase one. According to her, she was surprised by the results after using the tool for a month.

Apart from keeping your facial skin look youthful, Elevare Red is also ideal for treating muscle and joint pains. You can use it every day. If you will integrate it with your skincare regime, make sure that your face is clean and dry. Do not put any other products on your face apart from the facial wash you used as a cleanser.

Elevare Skin is a product that can help people heal their skin.

The product contains the following active ingredients: Retinol, Retinyl palmitate, Retinyl linoleate, Retinyl oleate, Retinyl estavol.

Moreover, the formula also contains Rosemary extract and Licorice root extract.

It is a unique formula that is designed to increase collagen production and fight wrinkles.

Patients who have used it have experienced a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after only two weeks of use.

Finally, the serum is formulated with a patented process called “Bio-Enhanced Delivery System” which makes this serum work better than most on the market today.


Make sure that the Elevare Red tool is fully charged before use. You only need to apply a little pressure on your skin using the device and massage it in a circular motion.

Some users prefer to use their serum after washing their face to boost the conductivity of the tool. After that, you can apply moisturizer to keep your facial skin hydrated every after each session.

After using the device, make sure to turn it off and clean it. Cleaning the device requires wiping it with a paper towel or clean cloth. Through this, you can extend the life of the tool and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Elevare Red Instructions
Elevare Red Instructions

Selecting LED Settings

The Elevare Red tool has six settings to use the photo-rejuvenation. You can use this feature together with the micro-current lifting feature of the tool.

You can use this feature by pushing the LED SEL button to activate the light. To turn off the LEDs, push the button seven times.

  • For a tri-colored light, press the button six times
  • For blue color, press the button five times, with an approximate wavelength of 415nm.
  • For the yellow color, press the button four times. It has an approximate wavelength of 590nm.
  • For red, press the button three times. Its approximate wavelength is 620nm
  • Press the button two times for flashing pink. It has a wavelength of 700nm
  • For pink, press the button once. Its wavelength is approximately 700nm.

The number of presses will depend on your personal preferred current intensity. Take note to keep your hands away from the tool’s head to ensure better skin absorption of electrical current.


Using the Elevara Red anti-aging tool is straightforward. Young adults and even seniors are recommended to use this product to ensure a youthful look.

Aside from giving you rejuvenated skin, this device is also used to ease pain in muscles and joints. So, whether your goal is to alleviate back pain and joint pain or just want to maintain a youthful and glowing look, we highly recommend you invest in the Elevare Red tool.